Our Scholarships

Scholarship Criteria

The criteria of the Hill Scholarships emphasise, alongside scholastic attainments, a series of human qualities including truth and courage, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindliness, unselfishness and fellowship.

The scholarship will cover 100% of course fees and a grant for living costs (£15,285 per year in 2020-21). Awards are made for the full duration of the fee liability for the agreed course.

Eligibility for Scholarships

Applicants for Hill Scholarships must be nationals of and ordinary residents in the Russian Federation. Applicants must also have a first degree from a Russian university. Preference will be
given to applicants who have not previously been enrolled in any other degree programme outside of Russia.

Applicants should intend to leave Great Britain on completion of their studies.

There is no restriction as to the field of study pursued by holders of Hill Scholarships. Most Hill Scholars come to Oxford to do research or study for a higher degree but the Trustees also encourage applications from graduates of Russian Universities who would like to benefit from the experience of the Oxford tutorial system and take a ‘second first degree’. This enables a student better scope also for experiencing Oxford college life to the full.

This scholarship is not open to applications from candidates who hold deferred offers to start in 2021-22.

Please see the Hill Foundation Scholarship profile on the University of Oxford website for more details of the eligibility criteria for graduate applicants, and for undergraduate applicants: